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Machining Center CNC Retrofits: Leadwell, Bridgeport, and many others.
This VMC40 Leadwell Machining Center was originally equipped with a mitsubishi control that was removed and replaced with a new Centroid M-400 control.

The new Centroid uses 2kw AC brushless axis servo motors that produce 900 inch per minute rapids.

Jerry at CJ's Machine in Anderson SC bought a Centroid CNC equipped knee mill a few years ago. He liked the ease of programming and the fact that his guys could get work thru the Centroid equipped machine faster and easier. Over the next two years he purchased a few more Centroid equipped machines; a bed mill and a tool room lathe.

It didn't take long for Jerry to notice that his inexpensive Centroid equipped CNC knee mill had features that he sure would like to have on his Leadwell machining center. So, he decided to have the machine retrofitted with a new Centroid. The original Mitsubishi control was in running condition when remove from this machine! The Mitsubishi was just taking too long to program and too long to set up. For this machine, Jerry wanted the quick programming and fast setup of the Centroid CNC.

With the new M-400 you get the choice of a sealed full size keyboard OR a regular PC keyboard for data input. Jerry like the feel of a a PC keyboard and the fact that he can use one with his new control.

Leadwell VMC 40 with new Centroid M-400
Centroid M-400 AC Brushless with 15" color LCD display
Leadwell VMC40
Here is a photo of a M-400 equipped Pratt & Whitney TriMac Bed mill. This machine is used day in and day out to machine large dies for BBQ grills, Transmission housings and other cast aluminum parts.

Other older big bed mills that Centroid has done include: Brown and Sharpe 1000VC and 1500VC, and Monarch.

Pratt&Whitney TriMac XV with a Centroid M-400
This Bridgeport Interact 412x was originally equipped with a Hiedenhain control that no one could operate! Centroid  installed a new M-400 which everyone is familiar with since this customer also has two Centroid equipped Bridgeport knee mills.

It only took about 4 days to perform the Centroid M-400 installation on the 412. This ATC machine is equipped with rigid peck tapping and a 12 pocket automatic tool changer.

Bridgeport 412x Ineract VMC with new Centroid M-400
There's not enough room here to show you all the great machining centers that we can upgrade. So, here is a list of a few more manufactures that make excellent machines for a Centroid retrofit: Matsura, Mori Seiki, and Sharnoa, Milltronics and almost any Fanuc equipped HMC.

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