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CNC retrofit kits for Bridgeport knee mills and Bridgeport clones
We have high quality knee mill conversion kits for almost every knee mill made. With our system you get full manual control or full CNC on one machine. Your machine can be used as a full 3 Axis CNC, as a 2 axis CNC or as a manual machine with a 3 axis Digital Read out...the best of both worlds.

Your manual knee mill is the most versatile machine in your shop. Now it will become the most used machine in your shop. With our kit you can perform CNC machining that even $100,000 machining center can not do!

Heavy Duty precision Z axis quill drives
Our quill drives are ridged, strong and are equipped with a quick disconnect for "real feel" manual use. Our quill drive provides complete tramming of the head without disrupting quill drive alignment (Patented).

Designed to fit Bridgeport 2J style head an most 2J clones including 3V,4Vand 5V type heads

  • 3/4" Precision Ground Ball Screw (Made in U.S.A.)
  • Precise Z axis movement for close tolerance machining.
  • All mounting hardware included for fast and easy installation.
  • Limit switches provided
  • Used in the machining industry since 1987
  • 1 yr. warranty
  • Over 2700 units in use world wide
  • Integral R8 Collet tray *
  • Black powder coat finish *
  • "Smart Z" * which includes an electronic scale inside the quill drive for feed back in manual use (Patented)
Heavy Duty X and Y axis servo motor brackets
  • Two X models to choose from and two Y models to choose from.
  • Standard down and out X with external Y.
  • Space saver X and external Y.
  • Internal Y for some import mills with a hole in the front of the knee.
  • Both Y brackets retain the use of the machines graduated dial.
  • Sturdy cast aluminum construction.
  • 2 Aluminum hand wheels with retractable.
    handle provided for manual use.
  • Angular contact bearings provided.
  • Steel taper lock pulleys provided along with belts.
  • All belts are protected from harsh environment.
  • All mounting hardware included.
  • Supplied in either 2:1 Ratio or 1:1 Ratio.
  • Our Brackets are made from premium Al.
    alloy and have heavy walls.
  • Compared to the competition our brackets are at least 2 lbs heavier.
X&Y axis ground ballscrews
Our Ballscrew kits contains precision ground ball screws with
.0005" per foot lead accuracy.
We have most table sizes available 9x42 , 9x48 , 10x50 , 10x54 , 12x58
They will fit in your machines existing yoke or our heavy duty yoke
Zero backlash nut with integral wiper
The yoke is a big part of the precision of your CNC. No joke! This first picture displays a standard oriental yoke and a Bridgeport yoke next to our yoke.

Our new yoke eliminates the "springy lash" that develops in the Y axis with a small undersized yoke.
We have a model for Taiwanese Mills and for Bridgeport Mills.

As you can plainly see we have the "beef".
Our Yoke is constructed using a steel alloy that is
much stronger than cast iron.
Here is a real example of how our CNC knee mill retrofit kit machined a part that a big expensive machining center could not!
The part pictured here is 30" in Diameter. The part would not fit on the customer's bed mill. Their was not enough Z clearance.

So the handy Centroid equipped CNC knee mill was used to cut the detail on the ring.

To fit the ring on the machine they swiveled the turret and put the table though the ring and fastened it to an angle plate that was bolted to the table

Fill out our "Request a Retrofit Quote" form and tell us about your machine.
Call or e-mail for info or a copy of the New for 2003 Video on CD or VHS

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